• Lathing


    Lathing : CNC lathing up to Ø1500 x 1100 ; conventional lathing up to Ø1600 x2500

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  • Cutting


    Cutting : cnc max Ø550

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  • Tangential grinding

    Tangential grinding

    Tangential grinding :  max  h 450 x500x1500

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  • Cylindrical grinding

    Cylindrical grinding

    Cylindrical grinding :  max Ø600 x 1500

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  • Lapping of surfaces

    Lapping of surfaces

    Lapping of surfaces: max Ø 320

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  • Milling


    Milling     : 4-axis CNC milling max  3000x1500x1000

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  • Lapping of cylinders

    Lapping of cylinders

    Lapping of cylinders :max Ø1500  

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  • Electrical discharge

    Electrical discharge

    Electrical discharge machining : max 850x450x450

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  • Quality control/testing

    Quality control/testing

    Quality control plays a primary role in our company: that is why Cloema constantly invests both in the staff training…

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