Highest quality research in every field.

Ongoing monitoring of every production process.

Top quality processes and services.

Meeting the customer’s needs

Ongoing monitoring of every production process.

Reliable expertise in the oil&gas sector.

Highest quality research in every field

Meeting the customer’s needs.

Ongoing enhancement of production processes.

CLOEMA S.c.r.l. precision engineering since 1944

About us


Oil & Gas

Cloema, long-time supplier of Nuovo Pignone and General Electric as for the production of items for the Oil&Gas sector, has always stood out for its reliable expertise, quality and care during all steps of checking and testing, thus laying the foundation for a relationship that has been lasting for more than 45 years.

Research Institutions

The partnership joining Cloema with astrophysical and radio astronomic research institutions has deep roots, connected to the tradition of Florence mechanic industry and to important people who pioneered in new, more and more extreme challenges in the mechanic field, achieving better and better results.

Arts and Culture

Cloema stands out in the artistic-cultural field too as a benchmark for the production of special and unique equipment, such as the reproduction of ancient machines used to study kinematics for the Galileo Museum, the production on behalf of the Florence Opera del Duomo of some didactical telescopes located on the northern terrace of Palazzo Vecchio and the designing/production of a complex and impressive handling machine used by Florence Opificio delle Pietre Dure during the restoration of the Baptistery’s doors.


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