Oil & Gas Eng


Cloema, long-time supplier of Nuovo Pignone and General Electric as for the production of items for the Oil&Gas sector, has always stood out for its reliable expertise, quality and care during all steps of checking and testing, thus laying the foundation for a relationship that has been lasting for more than 45 years.

Our will to improve and take on new challenges has led Cloema to set up specific production cycles and customized processes that make up our own Know How and Expertise especially in the Gas&Oil sector. According to the customers’ requests and specifications, we produce high technology items for the extraction and liquefaction of gas all over the world as well as items for reciprocating and screw rotary compressors. We also produce liners made of special steel or cast iron with tungsten carbide welding or treated with nitriding, crossheads shoe plates with white metal welding, crossheads, suction and discharge diaphragms, impellers, diffusers, valves, spacers and more.

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