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Packing spacers for reciprocating compressors according to the customer’s design.
Thanks to our expertise, we also carry out complete refurbishment cycles of high-pressure piston rod packing

  • Failure analyses report with photos before reconditioning of parts.
  • Cleaning and washing parts with environmentally friendly system.
  • Visual inspection and pre-inspection report.
  • Machining of the parts with CNC if required.
  • Grinding, polishing and super polishing of sealing surfaces.
  • Rebuilding lube oil fillet and precision profiles.
  • Hard chrome for head core if required.
  • Checking flatness of sealing surfaces with monochromatic light source and optical flat.
  • Honing and sleeving liner.
  • Roughness test on critical surfaces.
  • Deburring and refubrishing oil holes, sharp edges and profiles.
  • Performing PT and MT test on cups.
  • Dimensional check and records.
  • Final inspection report.
  • Storage and packing