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We manufacture waveguides in several material according to customer design
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 The Sardinia Radio Telescope is the largest Italian Telescope, located in San Basilio near Cagliari. This telescope was built after the one in Medicina near Bologna and the one in Noto near Siracusa and it is the most technologically advanced.     As well as the LSPE-STRIP feed-horn corrugated hexagonal foils, the self centering rings…
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18-26 GHz MultiFeed Receiver

This cryogenic 22hz Multi – Feed receiver (completed and tested on the 32m antenna of Medicina) is now being used in the secondary focus of the Sardinia Radio Telescope(  HYPERLINK "http://www.srt.inaf.it/" http://www.srt.inaf.it/ ),the 64 m antennae of INAF. The receiver works in the 18-26.5 GHz band with double circular polarization on seven pixels, totaling 14 channels…
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