Portfolio Category: Oil & Gas


Plain as well as round shaped crosshead shoe plates made of steel, aluminum, cast iron also available with white metal welding. White metal welding MB90/MB10 made by our partners according to the strictest quality checks.
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Crossheads are produced according to the customer’s specifications and with the greatest accuracy. Our production ranges from small crossheads (Ø200mm ) up to big crossheads (Ø1000), with detachable as well as with welded shoe plates. In order to guarantee the greatest quality, we certify every step of the process, from the material purchase to delivery.
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Liners for reciprocating compressors are made according to the costumer’s specifications in various materials such as cast iron, 42CrMo4 steel, 41CrAlMo7 steel; all materials are tempered and certified. Superficial hardening processes as well as weld beads are used to produce liners according to the customer’s needs.  Nitriding of the liners’ internal sliding part and tungsten…
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